Forthcoming Performances

The emptiness of the ever-expanding universe cannot compare to the void where your heart should be for ensemble (2019). Hard Rain SoloistEnsemble, 17th February 2019, Sonic Lab, SARC, Queens University Belfast/UK (premiere).

Sonata for Solo Violin (2015) & '1927' for three violins (2009). Dušica Mladenović, Trio Anime, 23rd January 2019, Kolarac Hall, Belgrade/SRB (Serbian premiere of Sonata).

Also: 11th February 2019, Italian Cultural Institute, Belgrade/SRB;

18th February, 2019, Serbian Academy Sciences anf Arts (SANU), Belgrade/SRB.

Her charms invited, string quartet no.12 (2010). ConTempo Quartet, 3rd March 2019, New Music Dublin Festival, Kevin Barry Room, National Concert Hall, Dublin/IRE.

Denier for flute, 2 violins & 2 cellos (2017). Fiona Kelly, Ortús Ensemble, 6th March 2019, Kaleidoscope Night, Portobello Bar, Dublin/IRE.

The Great Hunger for flute, piano & cello (2017). Trio Festivale, 9th March 2019, Walled City Music Festival, Derry/UK (UK premiere).

Apparitions for viola and percussion (2005/18). Nathan Sherman and Alex Petcu, 11th April 2019, Moving on Music's Night Music series, (venue tbc) Belfast/UK (premiere of new version).

A Haunted Heart for solo piano (1995). Neus Peris, piano, 11th June 2019, Borough New Music series, St George the Martyr, Borough High Street, London/UK.

Hungry Ghosts for tenor and piano (1995). Graham Neal and Matthew Schellhorn, 18th June 2019, Borough New Music series, St George the Martyr Church,  Borough High Street, London SE1/UK.