Forthcoming Performances

AT for flute, violin & cello (2006 rev. 2014). Hard Rain SoloistEnsemble, 26th January 2018, Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast/UK (European premiere).

Her charms invited, string quartet no.12 (2010). ConTempo Quartet, 4th February 2018, Chapter House, St Mary's Cathedral, Kilkenny/IRE.

Also: 8th February 2018, Limerick City Gallery of Art/IRE;

11th February 2018, Kevin Barry Room, National Concert Hall, Dublin/IRE;

15th February 2018, Triskel Christchurch Cork/IRE.

A Haunted Heart for solo piano (1996). Lance Coburn, 16th February 2018, Con Brio Concert Series, The Model, Sligo/IRE.

Denier for flute, two violins and two cellos (2017). Fiona Kelly, flute, Brendan Garde & Yoan Brakha, violins, Sinéad O'Halloran & Santiago Cañon Valencia, cellos. 23rd February 2018, Ortús Festival, CIT Cork School of Music, Cork/IRE (premiere).

Therefore I am... for alto sax and string trio (2012). Cathal Roche, members of the Irish Chamber Orchestra, 22nd March 2018, Lunchtime Concert Series, University of Limerick/IRE.

Winter's edge, string quartet no.1 (1992). Doolan Quartet, 24th March 2018, Triskel Chrisstchurch, Cork/IRE.

Also: 25th March 2018, The Schoolyard Theatre, Charleville/IRE.

Timelessly this for clarinet, piano, violin & cello (1992). Hard Rain SoloistEnsemble, 31st March 2018, Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast/UK.

Eat, Sleep, Empire for ensemble (2002). Hard Rain SoloistEnsemble, 12th April 2018, Riverstown Hall, Maynooth University/IRE.

Involute for sextet (2003). Hard Rain SoloistEnemble, 12th May 2018, Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast/UK.

Dreamgarden for mezzo-soprano and sextet (2009). 26th May 2018, Sonic Liberation Players, Third Life Studio, 33 Union Square, Somerville, Massachusetts/USA.