Ian Wilson
Ian with Camerata Pacifica’s Adrian Spence

Scully (2022, 25’ IW) for percussion solo.
Premiere: 10.04.22, Alex Petcu, "Sundays at Noon" series, Hugh Lane Gallery Dublin/IRE.
Commissioned by Sundays at Noon with funds from Hugh Lane Gallery and Arts Council of Ireland.

Temeraire (2021, 3’ IW) for solo horn.
Premiere: 26.11.21, Cormac Ó hAodáin, Dublin International Chamber Music Festival, Chapel Royal, Dunlin Castle/IRE.
Commissioned by DICMF with funds from the Arts Council of Ireland.

Beside the sea (2021, 45’ IW), staged work for violinist and soundtrack.
Premiere: 15.09.22, Dušica Mladenović, violin; Olivia Songer, director; Jack Scullion, designer; 15th September 2022, Civic Theatre, Tallaght, Dublin/IRE.
September 2022, Civic Theatre, Tallaght, Dublin/IRE.
Funded by an Arts Council of Ireland Music Projects award.

The Nightingale and the Poacher’s Gun (2021, 7’ IW) for piccolo and soundtrack.
Premiere: 26.06.21, Paco Varoch, sonalgimia2021, Algimia d'Alfara, Valencia/ES.

A synder’d vastness (2020/21, 16’ IW) for cello and soundtrack.
Premiere: 10.10.21, Matthias Lorenz, "Aussichten" concert series, Tolstefanz/DE (first live performance).

I Quattro Elementi (2020, 21’ IW) for solo violin.
Premiere tbc. Recorded for “Echoes and Shadows” CD by Dušica Mladenović.

When I lay my hand (2019, 10’ IW) for soprano and soundtrack.
Text by Tony Curtis.
Premiere: 30.07.20, Elizabeth Hilliard, CMC Salon, Dublin/IRE.

As the sunflower turns... (6’, 2019 IW) for violin & soundtrack.
Premiere: 01.09.2019, Una O’Kane, Lorraha, Tipperary/IRE.
Commissioned by the grandchildren of Sgt Philip Brady RIC.

Eidolon  (21’, 2018 IW) for organ.
Premiere: 24.11.2018, Ian Wilson, organ, Triskel Christchurch, Cork/IRE.
Written with funds from a Cork City Council Project award.

Between Stone and Sun  (9’, 2018 IW) for alto saxophone & soundtrack.
Premiere: 10.07.18, Robert Finegan, 18th World Saxophone Congress, Zagreb/CR.
Written with funds from Louth County Council.

Wild is the Wind (11’, 2018 IW) for solo bass clarinet.
Premiere: 09.09.18, Gareth Davis, Gaudeamus Music Week, Utrecht/NL.

TRACE (34’, 2017 IW), fixed-media+improvisation work for soundtrack, horizontal e-guitar, live electronics & sound objects.
Premiere: 06.01.2018, Ian Wilson, Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast/UK.
Written with funds from an Arts Council of Northern Ireland Major Individual Award.

Thresholds (23’, 2017 IW) for alto saxophone & soundtrack.
Premiere: 12.11.2017, Cathal Roche, Emo Court, Laois/IRE.
Commissioned by Laois County Council.

Massive Perturber (40’, 2017 IW), piano solo.
Premiere: 26.10.17; Ian Wilson, Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast/UK.
Written with funds from an Arts Council of Northern Ireland Major Individual Award.

A Sonata of Solstices and Equinoxes (25’, 2016 RIC), piano solo.
Premiere: 20.01.17; Matthew Schellhorn, Brunel University, Middlesex/UK.
Written with funds from an Arts Council of Northern Ireland Major Individual Award.

Urban Mysteries (60’, 2016/17 IW), multimedia performance work for saxophonist, soundtrack and film.
Premiere: 02.04.17; Cathal Roche, saxophones, film by Johnnie Lawson, Belfast Film Festival/UK.
Commissioned by Belfast Film Festival with funds from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland Lottery Unit.

Feldwege/Holzwege (45', 2015 IW) multimedia work for solo violin and loopstation with film by Johnnie Lawson. 
Premiere: 27.09.15; Cliodhna Ryan, Engage Festival, Bandon/IRE.
Written with funds from Cork County Council.

Sonata for Solo Violin (15', 2014 IW) for violin. 
Premiere: 29.06.15; Alina Ibragimova, St Brendan’s Church, West Cork Chamber Music Festival, Bantry/IRE.

The End of Desire (60', 2014 IW) Acoustic Theatre for saxophonist, live electronics, soundtrack and video.
Premiere: 08.11.14; Ties Mellema, saxophones, directed by Jos van Kan, De Muzerije, November Music Festival, 's-Hertogenbosch/NL.
Written with funds from the Eduard Van Beinum Stichting.

Six Twenty-five a.m. (7'30”, 2013 RIC) for singing violinist.
Text by Tony Curtis.
Premiere: 25.10.14; Monica Germino, Sounds of Music Festival, Groningen/NL.

Bal-Beo-Nea (5', 2012 RIC) for marimba.
Premiere: 10.06.13; Ji Hye Jung, SWOSU Marimba Camp, Department of Music, Southwestern Oklahoma State University/USA.

Die Zwitscher-Maschine (5', 2011 RIC) for solo piccolo.
Premiere: 16.11.12; Carla Rees, Rarescale Autumn Concert Series, Shoreditch Church, London/UK

Una Santa Oscura - Fragment (11', 2009 RIC) for violin (or alto saxophone) and tape .
Premiere: 30.05.13; Cliodhna Ryan, CMC Salon, Kevin Barry Room, National Concert Hall, Dublin/IR.

motherFUNK! (8', 2012 IW) for baritone saxophone and Boss RC-300 Loopstation.
Première: 14.12.2012; Ties Mellema, Paard van Troje, The Hague/NL.
Written with funds from an Arts Council of Ireland Bursary award.

Cortège (9', 2010 IW) for 8-string ‘Brahms’ guitar (6-string version also available).
Premiere: 01.10.15; Redmond O’Toole, Solstice Arts Centre, Navan/IRE.
Commissioned by Redmond O’Toole.

The linnet sings her note so pleasing (10', 2010 IW) for quartertone bass flute and live electronics.
Premiere: 02.11.2010; Carla Rees and Ian Wilson; New Music Week, Dundalk Institute of Technology/IR.

Una Santa Oscura (47', 2009 RIC) a work of Acoustic Theatre for violin and tape .
Premiere: 04.03.10; Ioana Petcu-Colan, violin, Tom Creed, director; Project Arts Centre, Dublin/IR.

Sonnenwende (5', 2009 RIC) for piano.
Premiere: 21.04.10; Michael McHale; Harty Room, Queen's University, Belfast/UK.

Mürrische Erde (12', 2009 RIC) for solo viola (or violin).
Premiere: 02.12.09; Eniko Magyar; Regent Hall, London/UK.

Lios na Gaoithe (7', 2008 RIC) for solo flute with glissando head joint and B foot.
Premiere: 24.07.09; Bill Dowdall; WEL Chamber Hall, Waikato University, Hamilton/NZ.
Written with funds from Leitrim County Council.

Sternlos (12', 2007 RIC) for solo guitar.
Premiere: 22.08.08; Graham Anthony Devine; City of Derry Guitar Festival/UK.
Commissioned by CDGF.

Stations (70', 2006-07, RIC) a work in 14 movements, divided into four Books, for solo piano.
Premiere: 09.04.09 (1st complete performance); Matthew Schellhorn; Harty Room, Queen's University, Belfast/UK.
Written with the help of an Arts Council of Ireland Artist's Bursary award.

Ondes ombragées (18’, 2005 RIC) for alto saxophone and live DAT recording.
Premiere 13.07.07; Gerard McChrystal, alto saxophone; Dartington International Summer School/UK.

Cartography (8’, 2004 UE) for violin.
Premiere 01.08.04; Peter Sheppard Skaerved, vn; Tamayo Gallery. Mexio City/M.

Schattentiefe (23’, 2004 RIC) for double bass and live DAT recording.
Premiere September ‘06; Malachy Robinson, d bs;
Dublin Fringe Festival, Project Arts Centre, Dublin/IR.

Pianura (7’, 2004 RIC) for double bass.
Premiere November ‘04; Malachy Robinson, d bs; RTÉ Lyric fm radio.
Commissioned by RTÉ Lyric fm.

Spielschatten (37’, 2004 RIC) for cello and live DAT recording.
Premiere 18.05.05; Robin Thompson-Clarke, vc (rec), SKIN multi-media
dance project with choreographer Jenny Roche and visual artist Ian Joyce;
Project Arts Centre, Dublin/IR.

Eigenschatten (26’, 2004 UE) for violin and live DAT recording.
Premiere 04.04.2004; Catherine Leonard, vn; Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin/IR.
Commissioned by Catherine Leonard with funds from the Arts Council of Ireland.

Ashes (5’, 2003 UE) for bass clarinet.
Premiere 02.03.04; Sarah Watts, bs cl; Royal Irish Academy of Music, Dublin/IR.

Verschwindend (5’, 2001 UE) for piano.
Premiere May ’05; Frank Abbinanti, pno; Berlin/D.
Commissioned by the AXA Dublin International Piano Competition.

in blue sea or sky (11’, 2000 UE) for harp.
Premiere 17.11.00; Cliona Doris, hp; Dublin/IR.
Commissioned by Cliona Doris with funds from the Arts Council of Ireland.

History is Vanity (11’, 1999 UE) for organ.
Premiere 29.06.00; Peter Sweeney, org; National Concert hall, Dublin/IR.
Commissioned by the National Concert Hall, Dublin.

Lim (18’, 1998 UE) for piano.
Premiere 28.09.01; Hugh Tinney, pno; Kinsale Festival/IR.

Les degrés chromatiques (3', 1996/7 UE) Étude for piano.
Premiere 26.05.98; Stephen Gutman, pno; London/UK.
Commissioned by Stephen Gutman.

A Haunted Heart (5’, 1996 UE) for piano.
Premiere 12.03.97; Stephen Gutman, pno; London/UK.

I sleep at waking (5’, 1995 CAMDEN MUSIC) for alto saxophone
Premiere 19.04.96; Paul Roe, a sax; National Concert Hall, Dublin/IR.

For Eileen, after rain (4', 1995 UE) for piano
Premiere 03.10.95; Ian Wilson, pno; Belfast/UK.
Commissioned by Don Kennedy.

BIG (9’, 1991 UE) for piano.
Premiere 23.01.92; Daniel Kimmage; New York/USA.

Bane (11’, 1989 UE) for violin and digital delay.
Premiere 05.09.89; Alan Smale, vn; BBC Studio 1, Belfast/UK.