Chamber Works

Ian Wilson
Elaine Mitchener, Attila Csihar and Cathal Roche in Aldeburgh during work on 'I Burn for You'
Photo by Ian Wilson

The song-ring’d sky (2022, 25’ IW) for winds and strings (vn, va, vc, fl, ob, sax, hn)
Premiere: Kirkos Ensemble, November 2022, Dublin/IRE, date & venue tbc.
Funded through Arts Council of Ireland Arts Grant Funding.

Marianas (2022, 11’ IW) for contrabass clarinet solo + flute(s), violin, piano, cello
Premiere tbc (Belfast, 2023), Sarah Watts, Hard Rain SoloistEnsemble.
Funded through Arts Council of Northern Ireland CIRP scheme.

Whale Tales, piano trio #6 (2021/2, 18’ IW)
Premiere: 04.03.22, Degani Piano Trio, Westport Town Hall/IRE.
Funded through Arts Council of Ireland Arts Grant Funding.

Orpheus Down (2021, 45’ IW) for bass clarinet & double bass.
Premiere tbc, recording is planned; Gareth Davis & Dario Calderone.
Funded by an Arts Council of Ireland Agility award.

TOTEMIC (2021, 22’ RIC) for viola & percussion.
Premiere: 30.11.21, Nathan Sherman and Alex Petcu, Belfast International Arts Festival, Harty Room, Queen’s University Belfast/UK.
Jointly commissioned by Belfast Music Society, New Music Dublin, and SOUND Festival, Aberdeen.

Passerine Night (2021, 25’ IW) for soprano, cl, pno, vn, vs, vc, d bs
Texts by various authors.
Premiere tbc (2022/23), FEWS Ensemble, Warrenpoint Town Hall/UK.
Funded through Arts Council of Northern Ireland IERP2 scheme.

Sonnatura for violin & piano (2020, 20’ IW).
Premiere: 15.10.20, Dušica Mladenović, Natalija Mladenović, Kevin Barry Room, National Concert Hall Dublin/IRE.
Commissioned by the Office of Public Works and the National Concert Hall under the Per Cent for Art scheme 2020.

Adaptation for guitar(s) & piano (2019, 49’ IW).
Premiere: 27.02.20, Joe O'Callaghan & Izumi Kimura, Teach Ceoil, Kilrush, County Clare/IRE.
Commissioned by Clare County Council as part of the Gaining Ground public art programme.

REDBLACKMAROON (2019, 14’ IW) for violin & piano.
Premiere: 26.08.21. Dušan Panajotović & Igor Dražević, Sve?ana sala muzi?ke škole "Predrag Miloševi?", Knjaževac/SRB.
Commissioned by Dušan Panajotović.

Species Counterpoint (23', 2019 IW) for baritone saxophone, improvising contralto clarinettist & soundtrack.
Premiere: 20.09.19; Ties Mellema, Cathal Roche, ‘Culture Night’, The Model, Sligo/IRE.
Written with funds from an Arts Council of Ireland Arts Grant award.

Ground Out (23', 2019 IW) for violin and Irish harp.
Premiere: 19.07.19; Dušica Mladenović, Tríona Marshall, Emo Court, Laois/IRE.
Written with funds from an Arts Council of Ireland Arts Grant award.

CAPITAL, string quartet no.20 (12', 2019 RIC) for string quartet.
Premiere: 11.05.19; Vanir Quartet, Triskel Christchurch, Cork/IRE.
Written with funds from a Cork City Council Project award.

Apparitions II (22', 2005/19 RIC) for viola & percussion.
Premiere: 11.04.19; Nathan Sherman, Alex Petcu, The MAC, Belfast/UK.

Rossiniana, string quartet no.19 (10', 2018 RIC) for string quartet.
Premiere: 13.01.19; ConTempo Quartet, Con Brio concert series, The Model, Sligo/IRE.

The emptiness of the ever-expanding universe cannot compare to the void where your heart should be (10', 2018  IW) for ensemble.
Premiere: 17.02.2019, Hard Rain Soloist Ensemble, Sonic Lab, SARC, Queens University Belfast/UK.
Commissioned by Hard Rain SoloistEnsemble with funds from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

How goes the night? (17', 2018 IW) for soprano and ensemble. Settings of poems by Janet Hamill, Mark Lamoureux and Mercedes Lawry.
Premiere: 05.11.2018, Charlotte Mundy & Glass Farm Ensemble, Reina Sofia, Madrid/ES.
Commissioned by Glass Farm Ensemble with funds from the Arts Council of Ireland.

Up Above the World, string quartet no.18 (16', 2018 RIC)
Premiere: 17.06.2018, Presto Quartet, Sherkin North Shore, Sherkin Island/IRE.
Written with funds from Cork County Council. 

Denier (12', 2017 RIC) for flute, two violins and two cellos. 
Premiere: 23.02.2018, Fiona Kelly, flute, Brendan Garde & Yoan Brakha, violins, Sinéad O'Halloran & Santiago Cañon Valencia, cellos, Ortús Festival, CIT Cork School of Music, Cork/IRE.

The Great Hunger (29', 2017 IW) for flute, cello & piano. 
Premiere: 06.09.2018, Trio Festivale, University of Memphis, TN/USA.
Commissioned by Walled City Music with funds from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

motherFUNKed! (9', 2017 RIC) for bass clarinet & small ensemble. 
Premiere: 02.12.2017, Sarah Watts, Hard Rain SoloistEnsemble, Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast/UK.

Achinet (20’, 2017 RIC) for clarinet and bass clarinet soloists, flute/picc, pno, vn, vc.
Premiere: 02.11.17; Cristo Barrios, Sarah Watts, Hard Rain Soloist Ensemble, ‘Tempered’ Festival, Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast/UK.
Commissioned by Crescent Arts Centre with funds from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland Lottery Unit.

Quattro Stagioni (17', 2016 RIC) for four violins. 
Premiere: 19.04.17; Mia Cooper, Katherine Hunka, Ioana Petcu-Colan and Helena Wood, St Anne's Church, Dublin/IRE.
Commissioned by Music Network.

Línte (12', 2016 RIC) string quartet no.17. 
Premiere: 16.10.16; Vanbrugh Quartet, Mall Arts Centre, Youghal, County Cork/IRE.
Written with funds from Cork County Council.

Four Giacometti Sculptures (16’, 2016 IW) for guitar quartet.
Premiere: tbc, Irish Guitar Quartet.

Possession (50’, 2016 IW) for saxophone(s) and piano.
Premiere: 02.10.16; Cathal Roche and Izumi Kimura, Engage Festival, Bandon, County Cork/IRE.

Aus der Zauberküche (18', 2014 RIC) string quartet no.16. 
Premiere: 23.02.15; Anime Quartet, Serbian Academy of Science and Arts, Belgrade/SRB.

Alluvio (15', 2014 RIC) string quartet no.15. 
Premiere: 06.11.14; Vanbrugh Quartet, Curtis Auditorium, CIT Cork School of Music/IRE.
Written with funds from Cork City Council.

AT (5', 2006, rev.2014 RIC) for flute, violin and cello.
Premiere: 08.10.15; Camerata Pacifica, Zipper Hall, Los Angeles/USA.
Commissioned by Jordan Christoff.

Im Geheimen (45', 2014 RIC) Acoustic Theatre for piano trio/piano trio no.5. 
Premiere: 02.07.15; Elole Trio, Hygienemuseum, Dresden/D.

Three Songs of Home (18', 2014 RIC) for alto flute, harp and viola.
Premiere 10.10.14; Camerata Pacifica; Hahn Hall, Santa Barbara, CA/USA.

Shī Shì shí shī shǐ (8', 2013 IW) for soprano, trombone, percussion, piano and cello.
Premiere: 06.05.14; Eunoia Quintet, Gare du Nord, Basel/CH.

Matter (25', 2013 IW) for narrator and string trio. Text by Leontia Flynn.
Premiere: 23.10.13; Ingrid Craigie, members of the Irish Chamber Orchestra; Adelaide and Meath Hospital, Tallaght, Dublin/IRE.
Written with funds from the Meath Foundation.

Tribe (14', 2013 IW) string quartet no.14 for string quartet and loopstation.
Premiere: 05.11.13; ConTempo Quartet; Galway City Hall, Galway/IR.
Commissioned by the ConTempo Quartet with funds from the Arts Council of Ireland.

Ballad of Breath and Sleeping II (9', 2013 RIC) for violin, saxophone and live electronics.
Premiere: 29.06.13; Monica Germino and Ties Mellema; De Roode Bioscoop, Amsterdam/NL.

The Hours (45', 2013 IW) for jazz trio and string quartet.
Premiere: 27.06.13; Cathal Roche, Ronan Guilfoyle, Matthew Jacobson, ConTempo Quartet; Cork Midsummer Festival, Triskel Christchurch, Cork/IR.
Written with an Arts Council of Ireland Project award.

Pulsar (12', 2012 RIC) for organ and saxophone quartet.
Premiere: 10.02.13; Pieter van Dijk, Amstel Quartet; Orgelpark, Amsterdam/NL.
Commissioned by the Orgelpark, Amsterdam.

The little Spanish prison (14', 2012 RIC) for cello and piano.
Premiere: 12.05.13; David Cohen and Charles Owen; Wigmore Hall, London/UK.
Commissioned by David Cohen.

Therefore I am (27’, 2012 IW) for alto saxophone and string trio .
Premiere: 28.11.12; Cathal Roche, members of the ICO, Royal College of Physicians, Dublin/IRE.

Elegía (12', 2012 IW) for alto saxophone and piano.
Premiere: 28.10.12; Ties Mellema and Hans Eijsackers; Kunstgroep De Compagnie, Cultuurcafe CHV, Veghel/NL.

Khalwat (10', 2011 IW) for quartertone flute and string quartet .
Premiere: 22.03.12; Carla Rees, RTÉ Vanbrugh Quartet, 22nd March 2012, University College, Cork/IR.

Stille, nacht (12', 2011 RIC) for guitar and string quartet .
Premiere: 10.05.12; Michael O'Toole, Carducci Quartet; The MAC, Belfast/UK.

Still life in green and red, (40', 2011 IW) string quartet no.13 for string quartet and soundtrack .
Premiere: 16.10.11; ConTempo Quartet, Ballintubber Abbey, Mayo/IR.
Commissioned through Mayo County Council's 'Landmark' public art programme.

red over black (II) (14', 2005/11 RIC) for flute (dbl. alto flute), oboe (dbl. cor anglais) and piano (Unterwelt part III, 2005/11).
Premiere: 17.09.14; Trittico; 1901 Arts Club, Exton Street, London/UK.

Noct (12', 2011 RIC) for piano quartet.
Premiere: 14.10.11; Cappa Ensemble, Con Brio music series, Methodist Church, Sligo/IR.
Commissioned by Music Network.

The Book of Ways (35', 2011 IW) for improvising saxophonist and improvising string quartet.
Premiere: 15.04.11; Cathal Roche, RTÉ Vanbrugh Quartet; Sligo New Music Festival, The Model, Sligo/IR.
Written with an Arts Council of Ireland Project award.

Bewitched (25', 2010 IW) for soprano and string quartet.
Premiere: 24.11.10; Deirdre Moynihan, members of the Irish Chamber Orchestra; Adelaide and Meath Hospital, Tallaght, Dublin/IR.

Ballad of Breath and Sleeping (9', 2010 IW) for soprano, bass clarinet and live electronics.
Premiere: 03.11.10; Elizabeth Hilliard, Paul Roe and Ian Wilson;
Béal Festival, National Concert Hall, Dublin/IR.

Četiri kamena (4', 2010 IW) for viola (or violin), bass clarinet and accordion (or piano).
Premiere: 20.02.12; CHROMA, King's Place, London/UK.

Her charms invited (8', 2010 RIC) for saxophone quartet.
Premiere 16.05.12; Amstel Quartet; New Sound Worlds series, Kevin Barry Room, National Concert Hall, Dublin/IR.

Her charms invited (9', 2010 RIC) string quartet no. 12.
Premiere 10.04.11; Badke Quartet; London Chamber Music Society, King's Place, London/UK.

im Schatten (25', 2010 RIC) string quartet no. 11.
Premiere: 28.11.2014; Vanbrugh Quartet, Engineering Library, National Concert Hall, Dublin/IRE.

The sun fell softly (10', 2010 IW) for sitar and string quartet.
Premiere: 08.07.10; Mohamed Assani, Callino Quartet, Cairde Festival, Sligo/IR.

Where the moorcocks crow (9', 2010 IW) for alto saxophone and saxophone quartet .
Premiere: 14.05.2010; Gerard McChrystal, Quad Quartet, Aveiro Saxophone Festival/PT.

Delicatissimo (4', 2010 IW) for toy saxophone and saxophone quartet.
Premiere: 16.09.12; Anna Jak, Amstel Quartet, Villa Augustus, Dordrecht/NL.

Shoreless (11', 2009 RIC) for piano four hands .
Premiere; 30.06.10, Duo Sargasso, The Warehouse, London/UK.

Sarée in Kassel (13', 2009 RIC) for alto saxophone and large ensemble .
Premiere: 31.01.10; Ties Mellema and Ensemble Insomnio, cond. Ulrich Pohl, Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam/NL.
Commissioned by Ensemble Insomnio.

heaven lay close II (18', 2009, IW) for string quartet (no. 9) or saxophone quartet.
Premiere: 29.11.09; Amstel Quartet; Schunfabrik Téiteng, Kayl/LUX.

First Last Words (9', 2009 UE) for piano trio .
Premiere: 06.06.09; Fidelio Trio; Hangzou Theatre, Beijing/CN.

Across a clear blue sky, string quartet no. 10 (8', 2009 RIC) for string quartet, two portable analogue radios and four drumming toys.
Premiere: 13.04.09; RTÉ Vanbrugh Quartet; Baroque Chapel, Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin/IR. Commissioned by RTÉ to mark the occasion of Seamus Heaney's 70th birthday.

1927 (18', 2009 RIC) for violin trio.
Premiere; 26.08.09; 'Stankovic' Music School, Belgrade/SRB.

heaven lay close (18', 2009, IW) for saxophone quartet (or string quartet) and tabla.
Premiere: 13.12.09; Amstel Quartet and Niti Ranjan Biswas; Toonzaal, Den Bosch/NL.

Dreamgarden (25', 2008 RIC) for mezzo-soprano and ensemble.
Premiere: 21.10.11; Psappha; Cosmo Rodewold Concert Hall, University of Manchester/UK.
Commissioned by Camerata Pacifica.

Double trio (45’, 2008 IW) for improvising saxophone, drums and double bass plus violin, harp and vibraphone.Premiere: 04.04.09; Cathal Roche, Sean Carpio, Daniel Bodwell, Mia Cooper, Cliona Doris, Richard O’Donnell.
Commissioned by Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council Per Cent for Art Scheme.

Eyeless upon a dark river (14’, 2008 RIC) for oboe/oboe d’amore and string septet.
Premiere: 22.10.08; Aisling Casey, Ensemble Caméléon, Clarion Canis major, Sligo/IR.
Commissioned by Aisling Casey with funds from the Arts Council of Ireland.

sKiPpY (5’, 2008 RIC) for alto saxophone and piano. Premiere: 23rd August 2008; Ties Mellema and Hans Eijsacker, Grachtenfestival, Amsterdam/NL.

TUNDRA (42’, 2008 IW) for trumpet and tape (dance work).
Premiere 07.09.08; Anne Gilpin, dancer, Mark O’Keeffe, trumpet, The Empty Space, Dublin/IR.

Cast (11’, 2007 UE) for two guitars.
Premiere 19.05.08; (of 3rd movement The Chariot commissioned by the Brighton Festival .) Slava & Leonard Grigoryan, Brighton Festival/UK.

The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World (20’, 2007 IW) for narrator, clarinet, violin, cello and piano. Text by Gabriel García Márquez.
Premiere 04.10.07; Gavin Friday, narr, Carol McGonnell, cl, Catherine Leonard, vn, Guy Johnston, vc, Finghin Collins, pno; National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin/IR.
Commissioned by the Music in Great Irish Houses Festival with funds from the Arts Council of Ireland.

Heft (21’, 2007 RIC) for flute/alto flute and piano.
Premiere 11.01.08; Adrian Spence, flutes, Warren Green, piano; University of the West, Santa Barbara, California/USA.
Commissioned by Jordan and Sandra Laby.

Cassini Void (19’, 2007 RIC) for clarinet and 10 instruments.
Premiere 14.10.07; Carol McGonnell, clarinet, Argento Ensemble cond. Michel Galante; Carnegie Hall, New York/USA.
Commissioned by Carol McGonnell with funds from the Arts Council of Ireland.

re:play (20’, 2007 RIC) for improvising saxophonist, string quartet, piano and double bass.
Premiere 03.07.07; Cathal Roche, tenor saxophone, Vanbrugh Quartet, Hugh Tinney, pno, Malachy Robinson, d bs; West Cork Chamber Music Festival, Bantry/IR.

Limena (18', 1998/2006 UE) for piano and string quartet.
Premiere 26.02.07; Matthew Schellhorn, Carducci Quartet, Jacqueline du Pré Building, Oxford/UK.

Messenger (30’, 1998-9/2006 RIC) for violin and 13 instruments.
Premiere 18.05.07; Catherine Leonard, vn, Camerata Pacifica;
Abravanel Hall, Santa Barbara/USA.
Commissioned by Richard and Luci Janssen.

unbroken white line (9', 2006 RIC) string quartet no. .
Premiere; 14.09.07, Carducci Quartet, Cork School of Music/IR.

Ghosts (25’, 2006 RIC) for saxophone quartet.
Premiere 12.11.06; Amstel Saxophone Quartet, Iš Arti Festival, Kaunas/LI.

Apparitions (22’, 2005 RIC) for viola (or alto flute) and percussion ensemble.
Premiere 11.04.06; Nathan Sherman, va, RIAM Percussion Ensemble/R. O’Donnell;
Brooklyn College, New York/USA.
Commissioned by Sligo County Council.

red over black (13’, 2004-5 RIC) Unterwelt part 3: for clarinet, viola and piano.
Premiere 14.08.06; Martin Fröst, cl, Pierre Lénert, va, Cédric Tiberghien, pno;
BBC Proms, Cadogan Hall, London/UK.
Jointly commissioned by the BBC and the Royal Philharmonic Society.

Lyric Suite (20’, 2004 UE) 7 Elegiac Pieces for string quartet.
Premiere 29.09.04; Vanbrugh Quartet; tour of Ireland.
Commissioned by RTÉ Lyric fm.

Negro negro elegía (14’, 2004 UE) Unterwelt part 4/piano trio no. 4.
Premiere 10.10.04; Haydn Trio Eisenstadt; Radiokulturhaus Vienna/A.
Commissioned by the Haydn Trio Eisenstadt.

Tern/Icarus (6’, 2004 RIC) for flute (or alto saxophone) and guitar.
Premiere: 11.11.2005; Bill Dowdall and John Feeley, The Printing House, Trinity College Dublin/IR.

In Plato’s Cave (11’, 2003 UE) for wind quintet
Premiere 04.07.04; Harlequin; Purcell Room, London/UK.
Commissioned by Harlequin with funds from Making Music.

Involute (6’, 2003 UE) Unterwelt part 2: sextet for fl, cl, perc, pno, vn, vc.
Premiere 17.04.03; Psappha; Composer’s Choice Festival, National Concert Hall, Dublin/IR.
Commissioned by the National Concert Hall, Dublin.

Eat, Sleep, Empire (10’, 2002 UE) Unterwelt part 1: quintet for fl, cl, pno, vn, vc.
Premiere 08.12.02; Avanti Ensemble; Up North Festival, Dublin/IR.
Commissioned by the Crash Ensemble.

The Falling Upward of Things (45', 2002 UE) Music for a visual art installation. Premiere 09.11.02; Scott Heron, vc, ad hoc ensemble (3 trb, piano)/I. Wilson; Belfast Festival/UK.
Commissioned by the Belfast Festival.

In fretta, in vento (15’, 2001 UE) string quartet no. 6.
Premiere 09.06.02; Callino Quartet; Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin/IR.

Atlantica (7’, 2001 UE) saxophone quartet
Premiere 11.10.02; Amstel Quartet; Amsterdam/NL.

Bone Icon (15’, 2000 UE) string trio no. 2
Premiere 15.05.01; Velocé Trio; London/UK.
Commissioned by the Velocé Trio with funds form the Arts Council of Ireland.

Abyssal (21’, 2000 UE) for bass clarinet and ensemble.
Premiere 21.12.00; Harry Sparnaay, bs cl, Crash Ensemble/D. Brophy;
Project Arts Centre, Dublin/IR.
Written while an AHRB Research Fellow in Creative and Performing Arts.

…wander, darkling (20’, 2000 UE) string quartet no. 5.
Premiere 17.08.00; Vogler Quartet; Carrick-on-Shannon/IR.
Commissioned by Leitrim County Council.

Veer (9’, 2000 UE) string quartet no. 4.
Premiere 09.10.03; Artis Quartet of Vienna; Musikverein, Vienna/A.

Spilliaert’s Beach (7’, 1999 UE) for alto flute (/violin/alto sax/trumpet/viola/clarinet) and piano.
Premiere 17.10.00; Nancy Ruffer, a fl, Helen Crayford, pno; London/UK.

Leaves and Navels (18’, 1996-7 UE) quartet for fl, guit, va, vc.
Premiere 07.08.97; Versus Ensemble; London/UK.

Phosphorus (23’, 1997 UE) string trio no. 1.
Premiere 12.05.98; Psappha; Sonorities Festival, Belfast/UK.
Commissioned by the Sonorities Festival.

from the Book of Longing (11’, 1996 UE) for violin and piano.
Premiere 19.07.96; Catherine Leonard, vn, Maria Kulakowska, pno;
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam/NL.
Commissioned by Catherine Leonard.

Catalan Tales (23’, 1996 UE) piano trio no. 3.
Premiere 08.08.97; Kammerspiel; London/UK.

Towards the Far Country (28’, 1996 UE) string quartet no. 3.
Premiere 10.06.97; Vanbrugh Quartet; Spitalfields Festival, London/UK.
Commissioned by the West Cork Chamber Music Festival.

Six Days at Jericho (8’, 1995 UE) for cello and piano.
Premiere 20.01.96; Robin Thompson-Clarke, vc, Jeremy Kimber, pno; Loughborough/UK.

The Seven Last Words (27’, 1995 UE) piano trio no. 2.
Premiere 28.04.96; Kammerspiel; Conway Hall, London/UK.
Commissioned by Kammerspiel with funds from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

The Capsizing Man and other stories (22’, 1994 UE) string quartet no. 2.
Premiere 11.05.95; Emperor Quartet; Maastricht conservatoire/NL.

Mais quand elle sourit… (14’, 1993 UE) piano trio no. 1.
Premiere 10.04.95; Trio Sonata Concert; Salle Cortot, Paris/F.
Commissioned by Trio Sonata Concert with funds from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

So softly (8’, 1992 UE) saxophone quartet.
Premiere 10.11.92; Alaric Quartet; Leicester/UK.

Winter’s Edge (13’, 1992 UE) string quartet no. 1.
Premiere 10.03.93; Vanbrugh Quartet; Omagh/UK.
Commissioned by the Vanbrugh Quartet with funds from the Arts Council of Northern

Drive (8, 1992 UE) for soprano sax (/violin/clarinet) and piano.
Premiere 11.06.92; Gerard McChrystal, sax, Kathryn Page, pno; Arts Council, Belfast/UK.

Timelessly this (10’, 1992 UE) quartet for cl, pno, vn, vc.
Premiere 26.09.93; Concorde; Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin/IR.

...and flowers fall... (11', 1990 UE) septet for cl, bsn, hn, pno, vn, va, vc
Premiere 05.04.95; Ars Poetica Ensemble; Days of New Music Festival, Kishinev/MD.